The 1911 12/15 Calthorpe Roadster

Chassis No: 1539

Engine No: 1543

Capicity; 1924cc

Side Valve Exhaust, Over Head Inlet with push-rods and exposed rockers

Offset Crankshaft

Splash feed mains and Oil Pump filled Big End dipper Trough's and Pressurised Cam Bearings.

Thermo Syphon Radiator / Cooling System

A lovely little motor with pleasing performance - Guaranteed 65mph from the factory in 1911.

We were privileged to make Nigel's acquaintance through several layers of people and club associations. It is as a result of these associations Nigel approached us to address issues which had developed over a very short period of time with his low mileage restoration.

Over 600 odd miles of Motoring the Calthorpe had become very unreliable, and lacking in performance to the point it was all we could do to drive it off the Trailer.

Here begins our systematic investigation into what has gone so wrong on this low mileage engine reconstruction - (unfortunately the original engine re-conditioner was no longer in Business so we had no form of redress).

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