1929 T44 Bugatti

This is a very Original Motor Car, matching numbers throughout and with a good few miles under her belt.
The car came in requiring investigation into low oil pressure and what appeared to be white metal within the oil.

It quickly became apparent the car was going to need a complete mechanical restoration. Not a bolt was left unturned.

Engine, Clutch, Gearbox - Gears and Shafts, Crown-Wheel & Pinion, Half Shafts, Rear Hubs,
Brake Shoes, Brake Cams & Bushes, King Pins, Steering Arms, Throttle body rebuild .... the list went on.

One of the best additions was that of Thermostats - done in such a way not to disfigue or alter the original appearance. These can be easily removed ......
But why would you ? - the engine is up to operating temperature within 5 miles and sits around 70 - 80 ° C  all day, all year round.
It's got to be good for the Engine in the long term. Next would be the Radiator overflow catch bottle. Most old cars don't use water,  - they loose it -
and time and again you see people filling hot Engines / Radiators with cold water, from any water source, be it merky or mineral rich.

As the water expands, has somewhere to go, is captive in the catch bottle and drawn back into the cooling system as the temperature in the engine drops at days end.

After doing a fair few miles in the car setting it up and running in, it is easy to see why the T44 Bugatti is a
most desirable touring car. The 3litre Straight Eight Engine motors strong and will keep up with normal traffic flows effortlessly.

  • Remains of the Original Clutch
  • We made a New Clutch Pack for the 44
  • The New Clutch Pack - works a treat
  • New Crankshaft Front Section, Damper & Generator Drive
  • The Pinion tells a Story ....
  • Pinion Teeth
  • Victim of the Diff locking up
  • Another New Crown-wheel & Pinion

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